in:site is our market-leading monitoring and operational efficiency system. It enables you to convert real-time data into actionable insights that can improve the operational performance and energy efficiency of your organisation.

How in:site works

in:site is a wireless solution of sensors, nodes and gateways that can be retrofitted and installed to work with existing data streams, collecting information at individual machines or in main and sub distributions.

Our team of experts will visit your site and conduct an audit. We will work with you to establish the level of implementation you would like to start with, which can be easily extended in the future.

Please contact us to discuss introducing the benefits of in:site into your business.

Features and benefits

in:site offers real benefits to businesses seeking more control over energy consumption and other measures. Real-time reporting enables immediate action to be taken that can save energy, time and money.

in:site is quick and easy to install with minimal business interruption. The customisable dashboards and reports enable you and your teams to view real-time performance and take swift action across your business. The system itself is certified to energy management standard ISO 50001 and the data transfer is fully compliant with the information security management standard ISO 27001.


  Feature Benefit
1 Real-time data – refreshed every five seconds
  • Real-time data enables immediate cost saving decisions to be made and implemented
2 Cost effective and value for money
  • Well maintained and affordable infrastructure
  • No expensive hardware
  • No expensive production outages for updates
3 Quick and simple to install
  • No loss of business or productivity while it’s being installed
  • The system can be retrofit on to existing equipment
  • No complicated integration into existing IT
4 Easy to use with visual, customisable, cloud-based dashboards
  • We will work with your team, set up reports and customise dashboards to ensure the team understand the product and can begin making cost-saving decisions
  • Making it easy to use helps embed the product quickly and accelerate savings and improvements
  • Data can be imported and exported via CSV file making it easy to work with
5 Flexible - can be expanded across additional sites and extended to include different data sets
  • You are in control – you can try in:site at single machine/site level or across a single data category and then opt to scale it – all without any disruption to the business operations
  • There is no limit to the number of sensors and meter points that can be added. Installation is quick and easy with no business downtime
  • Additional data sets (beyond power and gas) can be added to give a holistic view of your business utilities and key functions and increase opportunities for efficiencies
6 Secure and compliant with all relevant standards
  • The system is certified to ISO 50001
  • Data storage and transfer are compliant with ISO 27001
  • Data security is important. Sensor points automatically back up data for up to 30 days
7 Hands-on customer service
  • You’ll make savings and achieve ROI more quickly if the product is understood and embedded with your team and their operations
  • We will install the system, set up your dashboards and provide ongoing training and support. This will help the team deliver efficiencies and savings as quickly as possible.

in:site FAQs

Is in:site easy for my team to use?

Yes, the real-time data is fed automatically into customisable dashboards, producing graphics-based reports that are easy to analyse. The results can be seen in either kilowatts showing consumption, or in currency showing spend. Furthermore, our experts will train your team to ensure the in:site tool gets fully embedded and starts delivering actionable insights quickly.

Is it expensive to install?

No, in:site has a well maintained and affordable infrastructure, there is minimal hardware involved and no expensive production outages for updates. You can manage your ROI by starting with a small number of sensors and data sets and gradually build them up.

Will my business need to go “off line” to install it?

No, in:site is a wireless solution of sensors, nodes and gateways that can be retro-fitted and installed without any interruption to day-to-day business operations.

Is the data secure?

Yes, the system itself is certified to energy management standard ISO 50001 and the data transfer is fully compliant with the information security management standard ISO 27001.

All data is held securely and automatically backed up for up to 30 days, giving you peace of mind in case of any loss of connection.

Can in:site measure other things?

Yes, the benefit of in:site as a data monitoring tool extends beyond power and gas. Additional measurable data outputs can be recorded without interrupting business operations. The data can be combined to produce a holistic view of an organisation in one place via the in:site monitor. Comprehensive reporting can lead to further efficiencies, identification of risks and dependencies and better inform process improvements.

Examples of other measurable data include:

  • Water
  • Heat
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air quality
  • Output
  • Output times of production
  • Footfall
  • Presence detectors
  • Noise level

Next steps

Thinking of installing in:site? See below for a step-by-step guide of what is involved.

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