Our flexible purchasing contracts can enable you to reduce the impact of rising energy costs on your business, and provide an opportunity to benefit changes in the energy market.

By aligning your purchasing strategy with the wholesale market, you can take advantage of opportunities to set prices throughout the year.

This makes you less vulnerable to market peaks and provides multiple opportunities to achieve a smoothed price.

At npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ, we offer a choice of energy supply contracts to match your budget, requirements and trading preferences, from simple and time-saving options to the more complex and involved.

Benefits of flexible purchasing with nBS, EHQ

    • More freedom – more choice over when and how you set your prices

    • Transparency – accurate, transparent invoices without reconciliations

    • Manage your risk - Risk Navigator is our innovative online portal for energy market intelligence, position tracking and bespoke analysis

    • Support and guidance – our award-winning Optimisation Desk combines market expertise with a range of tools and services to help you better understand and track your energy position and make the most out of market opportunities

    • Market opportunities – purchasing your energy flexibly may give you the opportunity to participate in cost avoidance schemes

    • Industry expertise - confidence you're working with industry experts. As the first supplier to offer a flexible way to purchase business energy, our market expertise is unrivaled 

Contract options

Select and Secure

A simple, secure and cost-effective way to begin accessing the wholesale energy market. Ideal for customers who are new to flexible purchasing and would like the benefit of online trading.

Streamline Flex

Your energy prices and volumes are set in multiple, smaller portions throughout the duration of your contract. You can choose to fix or pass-through non-commodity costs.

Flex Innovate

Designed for sophisticated energy purchasers, Flex Innovate allows you to purchase your base and/or peak load requirements, but removes shape. This gives you the opportunity to pay a published index price for the difference between your base/peak load and actual consumption.

Fast Flex

A choice to purchase direct from the wholesale market or against one of the agreed indices. Non-commodity costs can then be fixed for passed-through.

Access Flex

An innovative purchasing solution for energy consultants and their clients who wouldn’t normally have sufficient volume to access the benefits of flexible purchasing. This option allows aggregation of multiple client volumes into a flexible purchasing ‘basket’ with a range of optional features.

Flex contracts for power and gas


  Power Gas
Select and Secure

Streamlined Flex

Flex Innovate

Fast Flex

Access Flex


Renewable energy

Match the power you consume with the equivalent volume of renewable power by securing Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates. Our REGO-backed Business Energy product meets stringent carbon reporting requirements and has been independently verified by sustainability experts, EcoAct.

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Award-winning market support

Our Optimisation Desk provides a much-valued service to businesses transacting with the wholesale market – for buying energy, selling energy or participating in demand management schemes.

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Market Access Services

An integrated approach to maximising value from Power Purchase Agreements, demand management activity and/or flexibility trading. We provide end-to-end support, and offer both consultancy services and flexibility expertise to provide bespoke holistic solutions.

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