As part of the npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ suite of expertise and tools, the Optimisation Desk provides a comprehensive energy buying and selling service, plus effective risk management information and strategic support.

Dedicated service, market intelligence and award-winning expertise

Our team of experts provides an award-winning service to businesses transacting with the wholesale market, whether you want to buy energy, sell energy or participate in demand management schemes.

We combine specialist market knowledge with a range of tools and services to help you to better understand and track your energy position and make the most of market opportunities.

The Optimisation Desk offer support and guidance to help you maximise the value from your:

      • Flexible purchasing strategy

      • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

      • Demand management projects

Before you start setting prices, getting the right risk management strategy is key. Our Optimisation Desk provides help and guidance via a dedicated Client Portfolio Manager (CPM) and regularly updated market intelligence.

If you require more structured support, our Direct Budget Management option provides a contract framework that includes the creation of an appropriate risk management strategy for your organisation. There is also an option for all price-setting transactions to be carried out on your behalf, if required.

Once you are set up, you can track the market – and your individual position – via our Risk Navigator online platform, which gives you secure 24/7 access to market intelligence and your portfolio details.

We also offer a Budget Forecast Tool to help you estimate your energy costs for the duration of your contract, up to ten years in advance.

Market Access services

An integrated approach to maximising value from your Power Purchase Agreements, Demand management activity and Flexibility trading. We provide end-to-end support, and bring together our consultancy services & flexibility expertise in a holistic solution.

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Market Outlook Report 2020

In our 2020 UK wholesale power and gas market outlook, our experts on our award-winning Optimisation Desk look at some of the market scenarios that could develop over the coming year, and present their own opinions on possible outcomes.

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Key milestones in generation transformation

In less than ten years, we’ve moved from large-scale coal, gas and oil plant supplying 80% of our national power demand to a far more decarbonised, diversified and decentralised model of generation.

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