An integrated approach to maximising value from your energy strategy. The Market Access Services Team at npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ provide end-to-end support to:

    • Craft a flexible purchasing strategy that best enables you to minimise the impact of rising energy costs on your business

    • Find the right PPA contract for you, and provide consultancy advice to help you evolve your generation portfolio

    • Build your Demand Side Response (DSR) and flexibility strategy

    • Provide you access to prices which reflect the wholesale and ancillary market to secure the highest possible returns

Our offering includes

Our award-winning Optimisation Desk

Our award-winning Desk combines market expertise with a range of tools and services to help you understand and track your energy position and make the most out of market opportunities

Risk management

A digital hub for your energy market intelligence and bespoke transacting data

Policy support and guidance

Our experts will champion your interest in government consultations around changes in policy, and help you navigate changes in policy that impact your business

Flexible energy transacting

Our flexible purchasing contracts enable you to minimise the impact of rising energy costs on your business, and give you the opportunity to adapt to changes in the energy market.

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Whether you are a generator or an investor in renewables, our dedicated team of experts can offer support to help you get as much return from the process as possible.

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Demand management services

Demand Side Response (DSR) is now opening up to business consumers and smaller generators.

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