Reduce unnecessary consumption and emissions

Energy costs are set to almost double by 2030. As we work towards Net Zero, reducing emissions is another driver for reducing consumption.

At npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ, we have developed the expertise to identify, prioritise and implement sustainable cost and carbon savings (see our Energy HQ in action page).

Our expertise covers the full range of energy solutions, and for every area, we provide a comprehensive service that includes:

  • End-to-end support
    We provide help and expertise for every step of your energy management journey, from sub-metering solutions and audits, to project delivery and benefits realisation.

  • Market-leading specialists
    Access to a multi-skilled team with comprehensive industry and energy management expertise.

  • Support to meet your energy objectives
    Our approach is tailored to fit with your culture and deliver your strategies.

  • Optimising compliance opportunities
    Not only do we help you meet your obligations, we highlight and implement energy saving measures in the process.

  • Raising the profile of energy in your business
    We can help you to develop an energy-saving culture through behavioural change, education and accreditation.

  • A flexible approach
    Choose the level of support to suit your needs, whether that be a simple audit or a full partnership provided through our Energy Consultancy services.

To find out how Energy HQ could benefit your business, please call 0800 644 6135.

Energy Consultancy

Our energy managers can help you to identify, prioritise and realise your business's energy saving strategies.

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Covering a range of regulatory standards, our services ensure you meet all your obligations.

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To find out how Energy HQ could benefit your business, please call 0800 644 6135