Our first-to-market proposition combines insights from psychology with behavioural economics to identify the most effective energy-saving interventions to introduce to your workforce.

We work to understand the underlying behavioural constructs (or beliefs) active at your site(s) to determine the specific mind-sets and motivations of your workforce. We then design and implement bespoke, targeted measures to influence these constructs and change behaviours.

This approach has generated impressive results both for our own staff and our customers. Our internal staff awareness programme was awarded best Behavioural Change and Employee Engagement programme at the 2015 Energy Awards. With the businesses we work with, we have found that investing 1-2% of energy spend on effective behavioural engagement can save up to 10% on energy costs.*

* Based on real case studies


Energy Management Qualifications

Our Energy Managers Qualifications (EMQ) cover a full range of requirements, from general awareness building to the complete Energy Manager role.

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At Energy HQ, npower Business Solutions we have an extensive track record in achieving various energy and environmental certifications, and we can help you do the same.

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