As the UK transitions away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources of energy, our energy system faces a significant challenge in balancing increasing demand with intermittent supply. That's where Demand Side Response (DSR) plays a vital role.

By flexing energy demand in response to signals from the wholesale market or the National Grid, consumers can see significant rewards, all without impacting operations.

At Energy HQ, we have developed our DSR capabilities in-house to be seamlessly integrated into a single proposition, with supply and PPA contracts bespoke to each customer, giving one overarching view and one point of contact.

Our Demand Management Services support customers through a range of methods and assets to deliver an entire solution,  from initial scoping to asset operation and value maximisation. We can also guide you through an ever-changing regulatory landscape to mitigate possible risks and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

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Reduce costs and earn revenue
Security of supply
Environmental Benefits
Reduce costs and earn revenue

The largest energy transmission and distribution charges are based on consumption levels at peak times. However, by participating in DSR, you can import less during peak periods, significantly reducing these charges.

When you reduce the level of power you are importing, you can sell back the volume you have already purchased – but are not using – at peak market prices. This can provide a valuable source of income throughout the year.

Depending on the nature of your operation and generation assets, it is possible to participate in appropriate National Grid balancing schemes, which pay you to help maintain the frequency of the National Grid. These range from Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR) to Firm Frequency Response (FFR) services.

Ease the pressure on your margins by reducing your energy costs and grow your competitive advantage in the process.

Security of supply

By running your on-site generation assets more regularly, you can be confident they will be well maintained and fully functioning – and therefore better able to respond when you need them most.

Future-proof your energy spend against prospective cost increases through maximising your flexibility and generation.

Environmental Benefits

Help the UK reduce dependence on fossil fuels and move towards Net Zero goals by facilitating flexibility to support growth in wind and solar generation.

Participate in the evolution from our traditional centralised energy model to a future decentralised smart system.

Demand Side Reponse

With unparalleled insight into the wholesale market, regulatory change and on-site installations, our DSR team of experts offer solutions across a wide range of assets and activity, enabling access to multiple income streams.

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National Grid schemes

There are a range of National Grid services that DSR participants can tender into, depending on your operations and assets. At Energy HQ, we offer participation into a variety of services.

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Supply Schemes

Our supply schemes provide an alternative source of revenue for your organisation outside National Grid schemes.

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In partnership with the Association for Decentralised Energy, npower Business Solutions is proud to be a founding member of the Flex Assure Code of Conduct. Only DSR aggregators with high standards of customer service and technical diligence can become members of Flex Assure, setting the industry standard in credibility and responsibility.

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