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In November 2019, the UK Treasury announced it would conduct a Net Zero Review to assess how the UK could make the most of the economic opportunities the green transition presents. Published following the UK legislating to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, this Review, alongside the much-anticipated Energy White Paper, is designed to provide a clear roadmap on how the UK would achieve and fund its ambitious low-carbon transition.

And while the events of 2020 may have temporarily stalled progress, businesses, trade bodies and other influential parties are now calling for renewed vigour from policy makers; believing that sustainability must be central to our post-Covid recovery plans.

Your Business Blueprint - The road to Net Zero saw us consult with nearly 100 businesses across multiple sectors to get their views on the net zero target, find out where they are on their own decarbonisation journey, and ask what kind of support they would like to see from the government to hit their net zero goals.

Business Blueprint Report

Your Business Blueprint – The road to Net Zero provides useful insight into the opinions of UK businesses and the challenges they face. It will be submitted to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as guidance on what organisations need from them to support their road to net zero. The resources below offer fast access to some of the key findings.

Business Blueprint

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Business Blueprint Report

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