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Posted on 17/05/2021

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Net zero: what do businesses really think?


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Net Zero

For a term that’s a relative newcomer to our everyday business language, net zero has gained a lot of traction in a short time.

A Google search, for example, brings up 1.47 billion results. And businesses of all sizes are feeling under pressure to have an official stance regarding their commitment to net zero.

Certainly, we hear from customers everyday asking for help with defining or delivering a net zero strategy. But what do businesses really think?

The road to net zero: three views UK businesses share


Net Zero

If one positive can be taken from the events of 2020 so far, it’s the glimpse lockdown gave us all of a low-carbon future; with emissions down, cleaner air, and renewables successfully powering our homes and businesses.

Little wonder then, that while actively pursuing decarbonisation stalled during the Covid-19 crisis, the reopening of our economy has brought with it a renewed focus on net zero goals.

But while businesses, industry bodies and action groups are increasingly calling for sustainability to be placed at the heart of a ‘green recovery’, clear guidance and meaningful support for organisations who want to take their own strides towards net zero is yet to be provided by UK policymakers.