The latest need-to-know energy policy and charging updates in one hit

Posted on 17/05/2021

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Ofgem’s proposals could create greater disparity in non-commodity charges


Energy prices & policy

Non-commodity charges make up a large share of the overall cost of power – as much as 60% for some large consumers.

But if proposed changes to the way in which key distribution and transmission charges are calculated go ahead, many businesses could see this share increase.

Earlier this month, Ofgem published a consultation setting out its latest plans for the way the residual element of Distribution Use of System (DUoS) and Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges are recovered.

Why September is the month to renew and reward


September is traditionally a common month for businesses to renew their energy contracts.

It also follows hot on the heels of the ‘back to school’ season that can prompt employees to review their own job situation and perhaps focus on new career opportunities.

So we’ve decided to make enhancing employee rewards the theme of our new energy contract deal this Autumn – offering you a seasonal win/win (even if your business gas or electricity contract is not yet due for renewal).