This fuel mix information is provided in accordance with Electricity Supply Licence Condition 21, which has been implemented by the Electricity (Fuel Mix Disclosure) Regulations 2005 to give effect to article 3(6) of the EU Electricity Directive (2003/54/EC).

npower Business Solutions customers are either supplied by Npower Limited or Npower Northern Limited.
Please see the reverse of your invoice for the particular licence you are supplied under.

The table below shows the fuel sources for the electricity supplied under npower’s licences in the latest
reporting period and the UK national average for the same period.

Useful information: 

Carbon Dioxide Emissions (g/KWh): The weighted average of the carbon dioxide emitted in the production of
electricity from each fuel source. This is calculated on the basis of figures provided by BEIS (details of these can
be found at the BEIS website)

Radioactive Waste (g/KWh): The radioactive waste, being fuel burnt in the reactor to be subsequently
discharged as spent fuel. This is calculated on the basis of figures provided by the DECC (details of these
can be found at the BEIS website)


  Coal Natural Gas Nuclear Renewable Other Carbon Dioxide Emissions (g/KWh) Radioactive waste (g/KWh)
Npower Limited1 7.2% 48.9% 14.7% 26.2% 3.1% 264 0.0010
Npower Northern Limited1 8.5& 57.9% 17.4% 12.6% 3.6% 312 0.0012
Npower Yorkshire Limited1 8.8% 59.8% 17.9% 9.7% 3.8% 323 0.0013
Npower Direct Limited1 8.9% 60.3% 18.1% 8.9% 3.8% 325 0.0013
UK National Average2 5.2% 41.4% 18.7% 32.8% 1.9% 209 0.0013
Fuel Mix Product Level Breakdown
Business Renewable Product3 0% 0% 0% 100% 0% 0 0
Juice / Cleaner Energy Fix / Go Green Fix Product4 0% 0% 0% 100% 0% 0 0
All other products5 8.9% 60.3% 18.1% 8.9% 3.8% 325 0.0013


Please see above for guidance on how to identify which licence you are supplied under

Figures provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS)

npower Business Solutions customers on the Npower Limited li-
cence that have purchased our Business renewable: REGO Backed Electricity product

npower Residential customers on the Npower Limited, Npower Northern Limited or Npower Yorkshire licence that have purchased our Juice, Cleaner Energy Fix or Go Green Fix product

npower customers on any of our other tariffs or products

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

From 1st January 2020, npower Business Solutions will be providing a SEG tariff to any eligible customers. The smart export guarantee (SEG) is an obligation set by the government for licensed electricity suppliers to offer a tariff and make payment to small-scale low-carbon generators for electricity exported to the National Grid, providing certain criteria are met. SEG is an opportunity for anyone who has installed one of the following technology types up to a capacity of 5MW, or up to 50kW for Micro-CHP (Solar photovoltaic (solar PV), onshore Wind, Micro combined heat and power (CHP), Hydro, Anaerobic digestion).

The npower Business Solutions tariff will be set at 0.01p/KWh. For more information, please contact us via the following e-mail address or call us on 0800 994 9382